Leaning Forward with Technology at LCS

Technology is integral to learning at LCS.  Students have regular access to technology at school while developing competent users of, and learners with, technology is a high priority.  We strive to support students as they develop their digital citizenship and learn how to manage the multitude of technology tools at their disposal. It is an essential aspect of learning at LCS.

Elementary students regularly access the computer lab through scheduled classes and during specific projects.  All elementary classrooms have a desktop computer to share and a SmartBoard for students and teachers to use.  In addition, a classroom set of laptops and I-pads are available and shared amongst elementary classrooms for additional learning experiences.

In the secondary school each scheduled block of the day (4 blocks in total) sees the collection of 60 laptops in the library borrowed by students for classroom work.  Our laptops are checked out from the library and each block they are fully utilized. In addition, students learn with technology through various classes.  For example, science labs utilize science probes (in conjunction with laptops), Film Art classes use editing software, and Art classes exploit our classroom set of I-pads.   Technology is in demand.

Many secondary students bring their own laptops or I-pads to school on a daily basis.  Over 80% of our secondary students own a laptop and over 60% bring them to school daily.  More older students bring personal laptops than younger students.  If students take care of their belongings at school, then their belongings, no matter how valuable, are safe.  We have had very little theft this year and two cases of disappearing laptops have occurred in the middle school and were the result of students leaving their items unattended overnight.

All students and parents (Grades 4-12) are required to acknowledge and sign our Responsible User Policy.  This document details expectations around use of technology at LCS.  Students in Grade 6-12 also sign a Laptop Borrowing agreement which details policies and practices around the borrowing of library laptops.  These documents are on the LCS web site.  Here is the link to these documents.

Responsible User Policy, Laptop Borrowing Agreement

As we move forward with exploiting technology at LCS, the most important development is the ongoing strengthening of our wireless network.  We have embarked on significant infrastructure development including an increase in fiber optic cable and wireless access points on the campus.  Equally important is the commitment of finances to expanded bandwidth.  We are building an excellent infrastructure at LCS.  It is an infrastructure that will support many more additional devices next year.

In the secondary school, we are urging students to bring their own device to school.  This practice, known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), is common in many schools.  As applications are residing on the internet and in the cloud, the types of devices being used by students are expanding.   LCS will not be in a position of providing a laptop for every student (known commonly as a one to one program). Instead we are encouraging each secondary student to bring your own device (BYOD).  Though it is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged.  This is especially true at the high school level. Students in Grades 9-12 should bring their own laptop to school.  For students who are unable to bring their own computer to school, we will continue to have laptops for check out from the library.  However, as the demand rises for laptops from the library, access to laptops becomes more challenging.

We have developed a BYOD guide for new and returning parents to review.  It outlines the types of laptops we recommend and the software that should be installed for maximum productivity opportunities.  In addition, the specifications for a laptop are provided.   To download and view the BYOD guide use this link:

 LCS BYOD Guide Sy 1314

We hope that this BYOD document provides solid information for parents and students about this aspect of our program.

Ubiquitous access to technology during the school day and “anytime, anywhere” access to the LCS network are our goals.  We envision technology as a seamless tool for teaching and learning.  LCS is making great strives towards this vision.

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