Transitions…It’s that time of year!

Schools have a unique rhythm and we are heading into what is the most sensitive, stressful, and emotional collection of experiences within that rhythm.

In the coming weeks many members of the LCS community will be in the midst of transitioning away from LCS and Accra. Students will be bidding farewell to friends and contemplating the uncertainty of next steps. Parents will also be experiencing similar transition steps. It can be challenging.

During this process, students will also be immersed in activities at school including pushing forward with academic projects including final exams for high school students. The stressors grow in the coming weeks.

Graduation is the penultimate ceremony and most significant and memorable transitional event. The pomp and circumstance of graduation are greatly symbolic of the multiple layers of transition that our high school graduates will experience.

Generally we think about the impact on those students who are leaving and we do our best to ease their challenges for departure. However, years ago it became very apparent to me that transitions are also about those who are not leaving. Those remaining behind who are saying goodbye to close friends also struggle. When your best friend leaves, where does that leave you? What does it mean for friendship alliances and group dynamics? Things change. As well, opportunities for new friendships open up. August brings on an entirely new set of transitions.

In an international community it’s important to recognize how challenging transitions can be. It’s also important to ensure that you are leaving a school community on a positive note. Departing positively lays the foundation for a more positive entry into your next school community. Building positive and memorable, long lasting, impressions of LCS will help ground you in the future.

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