Kids Taking Action Against Bullying

Why do some students treat schoolmates so poorly?  I’ve been fortunate to work with student populations where the norm is not to be mean. Having said that, I’ve seen my share of students being mean to one another over my 30+ years in schools.  In a school like LCS, that contains Grades 6 thru 12, you see the range of such behaviors.  As kids mature bullying and mean behaviors and actions recede, but the social and peer pressure that early adolescents experience can result in a variety of cruel behaviors.  It can be very disheartening.

I was, however, struck by the organization that I discovered below.   It is an organization established by teens, for teens, and contains testimonials and videos of teenagers who have something to say about bullying and hate crimes.  I was inspired by this site.  As adults we try hard to intervene and deal with issues when they arise.  The power of this site is the power for kids to take a stand together and to know that they are NOT alone in dealing with the tough issues around social pressures and bullying.  It is worth looking through this link and checking out the voices of teenagers around this topic.

Here is the link to the We Stop Hate web site


In addition, there was a recent CNN report that had some truly excellent links around the topic.  Check out this link to the CNN site.

CNN Special Report on Bullying 


This is an important topic and students need to utilize their resources both online, at home, and at school.

Here is another interesting site for students around the topic of bullying.  Check out

Another blog posting on bullying and the media

Digital Images and Cyberbullying – What to do?

This post is dedicated to students who have been cyber bullied.  My goal is to offer some support, resources, and learning for students.   I have embedded several videos and a web site links for students to view.  My goal is to support the building of community where every individual feels safe and valued.

With respect to cyber bullying……….

About one-third of online teens (ages 12-17) have been cyberbullied. Girls are more likely to be targeted.

(Lenhart A. Cyberbullying and Online Teens. Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2007.)

These numbers are staggering.  Online bullying is far too common place.  Inappropriate decision making (or a lack of decision making) is far too common.

Here is a profound video…have a look. It’s called You Can’t Take it Back. It’s from the web site   If the video doesn’t open from the blog, use the link right here:

You Can’t Take It Back


Here is another short video along the same lines.  It’s called “Your Photo Fate”.  Again, make good decisions!  It’s from the web site

Again, if it doesn’t open below from the blog, use this link: Your Photo Fate


This 16 year old radio news reporter broadcast this story on the radio on January 7, 2013.  She lives in New York City.   The title is:  Online Shaming A New Level of Cyberbullying for Girls  Listen to this story about teenagers, from teenagers

So what can you do about it? Here is a great site for students who have been cyber bullied, check this out:

A Thin Line

The site is sponsored by MTV.  The point of the site is clear, if you are a victim of cyber bullying, there are steps you can take to fight back and take control. Don’t let bullies win!

Here’s a link to a set of Frequently Asked Questions around Cyberbullying addressed to teenagers.  If you wish to see it, click here.