A Good Time is Hard to Find…..

As a Principal, I seek to be sensitive to the timing of requests that I make of faculty.  Teaching is a tough job with many demands.  Some of these demands are driven by responsibilities scheduled on the calendar – reporting periods, extensive planning at the outset of the school year, parent-teacher conference days, and so on.  I find myself regularly considering what else is being asked of teachers when I initiate specific requests or plan learning opportunities.  Yet, as professional as teachers can be and as engaged as they are in their own learning, I often hear the common refrain – “It’s just a hard time of year”.  The implication being that engaging teachers in that dialogue or activity would be better done at another time of the year!  But, that time is tricky to find.

When is the best time?  Time is that elusive need for educators.  Time is what everyone would like to have more of every week.  The demands for planning, marking, meeting with students, meeting with colleagues and communicating with parents are significant.  Continue reading

A Fresh Start…a New Blog!!

The end of 2012 is almost here.  Another round of holidays and another opportunity to renew my blogging spirit.

This time, I want to bombard the school community until I get some response!!  Maybe I’ll offer such provocative posts that it will produce high interest and record levels of response!  Maybe my posts will actually be read by parents, teachers, and students.

That’s my goal!  Provide some food for thought about schools, teaching, learning, parenting, and being a member of a school community.

So, let the blogging begin and hopefully I’ll sustain it!

Geoff Smith

Secondary School Principal

Lincoln Community School