And We Are Off! – Day 1 has come and gone!

Welcome to Day 2

OK, another school year is officially starting.  Heaps of energy and enthusiasm as usual on day 1.  Excitement around the school.  New hair, new shirts, new shoes, new teachers, new students, new furniture, and some new changes around the buildings.  New books in the library, new laptops to borrow, and a few new food items for sale.  There is eager hopefulness in the air!  Fresh coats of

Seniors!  Enjoying their first lunch of Grade 12

Seniors! Enjoying their first lunch of Grade 12

paint on walls and tables that covers up some of the pencil and pen markings from last year’s crop of students.

So what!  What’s it matter?  The fresh coats of paint only matter for a little while;  paint wears thin.

I’m writing this note during the early morning hours of Day 2.  The only thing that really matters is how we decide to “Show Up” at school on Day 2, and Day 3, and Day 4….etc.  All the appearances of new beginnings don’t matter unless you decide to “Show Up” and make the most of what’s on offer.

As a student and a member of the LCS community, how will you carve out your path at LCS this year?  Will it be as an active, positive contributor?  What are the most fundamental goals that you have for the year?  Is it about friendship? Is it about academics? Is it about being positive? Is it about being kind? Is it about making the varsity soccer team? My favorite question when speaking individually to students is “What kind of student do you want to be?”  Over 20 years of asking that question to hundreds and hundreds of students the response 99% of the time is: “I want to be a good student”.   What does being a “good student” look like?  The common response is earning good grades.  But this falls short. It’s not about the grades.


How will you contribute to a positive school climate? How will you be a good friend and a good classmate? What will you try hard to avoid?  How will you “Step Up” and continue your growth as a teenager?

While Day 1 is a great way to start the year and you have begun to taxi down the runway, Day 2 is where you can truly rev your engines, release the powers within, and begin your flight through another school year.

Make sure you watch this video when you are done!!!  Have a great start!

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